Visit the Audio Portal!!

2008-01-11 22:18:33 by Lefloic

I don't know how many of you are actually checking this section of Newgrounds but if you're not taking a look from time to time, you are missing on a lot of great stuff.

Like most of you I started to hang around Newgrounds for the flash movies and games. When the Audio Portal launched, I didn't check that much and didn't think it was all that great.

Now this portal is really well made and easy to use (thanks to the live streaming and nice graphics). If you're a fan of music (who isn't?) you certainly will find something for your taste in there. People always love some nice video game remix. But there is so much more! I could easily spend a couple hours just listening to great ans promising artist handing out 4s and 5s (and the occasional lower grades...)

I don't know the percentage of Newgrounders who are visiting the Audio Portal but I know it deserves to be high. So if you don't normally visit it, just click on that big button and explore a couple of the sections. You probably won't regret it.

Have fun!

Let's kick this off. No big discution for now.

First off you should check my first ans only submitted animation. One day I'll make new ones and better ones.
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Game genre? Yep I'm talking about the old school shooting games. Space shooters, top down, side-scrolling whatever those were great. R-Type, Gradius are great exemples. Now thanks to my Wii virtual console I can replay those but I'd like new ones. With the power of the new console compared to SNES, game developpers could make great space shooters with awesome effects and nice 3d backgrounds. A game that shift from side-scrolling to top down view could be cool too.

I think Tom and the Behemoth could make a great game in this genre. Come on those 2d games are great!